Always, & I Mean Always Avoid Drama, The ONLY Way To Grow Your Home Business

Drama has a weird way of always being in places in which it’s not wanted. It seems that we do everything in our power to avoid it, but BOOM it shows up, to ruin our day. This can turn out to be a sad situation, especially if you give into it. Giving into drama is not only bad for you, it’s dangerous for the growth of your Home Business.

Last night, I witness a drama-filled situation that started out innocent, but immediately turned into a bad situation.

Would you like to know why this happened?!?

It was because unfortunately most people are turned on by negativity and drama. However, they are so unaware of how much danger they are doing to their Home Business.

This drama started like this. One powerful leader (Leader A for now) was training on a great strategy for Social Media and the other powerful leader(Leader B for now) was unaware of the exercise and witnessed the results of the exercise. Leader B, being as helpful as ever, stated that conducting an exercise such as this (although powerful) may not be effective long-term.

Leader A, didn’t realize that Leader B was unaware that this was an experiment and assumed that it was intended in a disrespectful manner. Unfortunately, for both parties, this was not the case. The drama quickly escalated because of all of the people who had an opinion regrading the “assumed accusation.”

This could have all been avoided if the commentators would have spent the same amount of energy regarding this situation, towards growing their Home Business!

What’s funny is, most people wonder why and complain about why they are not making any money in their Home Business. Long story short, Leader B (being the powerful leader that they are) apologized for the unintended assumption and Leader A (being as powerful as they are) accepted the apology.

Life moved on.

You see all of that wasted energy was spent by the commentators for no reason. They could have spent that time getting a new customer or teammate or making money (like I did). I made over $200 during this drama.


Because, I was more focused on growing my Home Business, than adding fuel to the “drama-of-fire.” My hope is that you received this message loud and clear…….ALWAYS AVOID DRAMA!!

In the video below, I go deeper into why avoiding drama is very important for the growth of your Home Business.

After you watch it, in the comment section below, tell me what you think. Let me know if you agree with me or not.


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Gary Bledsoe
Motivational Speaker & Author
The Bledsoe Success Group

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10 thoughts on “Always, & I Mean Always Avoid Drama, The ONLY Way To Grow Your Home Business”

  1. Drama, who needs it?. This is something you see a fair amount of on Facebook, however, nothing good ever becomes of it, so why do it.. Great post Gary..

  2. Drama is always one of the biggest time-sucks (and money drains!) when it comes to our businesses. I was previously associated with a company that seemed to live for the drama … how wonderful life became after removing myself from that situation!

  3. Drama is more than counterproductive. It sends the message to your prospects that they aren’t safe. If someone else is having drama, are they next? Great post, Gary!

  4. Wow…

    I missed the drama last night when I went to bed…

    Then this morning I saw the apology and the response…

    All I know is when I get around negativity it just makes me feel tired and drained.

    Dr. Lisa

  5. Joseph Walker says:

    Great way to use this situation between leaders to illustrate the pitfalls of drama. So many people feed off of negativity its really sad. Even in a quality community….it still happens. Thanks for turning darkness into light Gary!

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