To Grow Your Home Business Empire Never Be Afraid To Invite

I remember when I first got started in Network Marketing, I was told that I should always be inviting. This message has stuck with me until today. I think most people who are trying to build their Home Business, get way to caught up in believing that only one or two people will be the key to their success.

How many times, if you have ever been an upline in your Home Business, have you heard these words, “_________. would be great if he or she would just do what they needed to do.” Maybe you have heard this too, “__________, makes me so mad, because they are not doing this or they are not doing that.”

I have heard this over and over again. But, would you like to know why this happens. Well, the reason why this happens is because people fail to realize these next powerful words, “If You Have A People Problem, All You Need To Do Is GET MORE PEOPLE!”


It’s Just That Simple!!

If you’re not making enough money, answer…..Get More People!

If you’re not getting people on your webinars, answer…….Get More People!

If you’re moving up the ranks, answer…….GET MORE PEOPLE!

There are over 300,000,000 people in the U.S. alone. Don’t you think that there is more than enough room for you to get more people, and stop thinking that the ones you have are the only ones who are the key to your success? I think you already know the answer to that.

Now, that we solved that, how do you get more people. Well, that’s simple to! Basically, you invite them to look at what it is that you have to offer.

Your job as a Professional Network Marketer, is to always be constantly inviting. This is the same exact advice I received when I first started my Home Business. I believe that advice should be followed by all Network Marketers and all Home Business Owners.

Listen to the audio below in which I go into the process of why you should always be inviting way more in depth. In the comments section below, give me your thoughts and feedback on this important, but crucial step in the growth of your Home Business.

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Gary Bledsoe
Motivational Speaker & Author
The Bledsoe Success Group

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6 thoughts on “To Grow Your Home Business Empire Never Be Afraid To Invite”

  1. Loved this post Gary. You tell it how it is- genuine and honest. Great audio too

  2. Leads are the lifeblood to your business and we need to be constantly introducing it to new people…

    That’s why the internet is so powerful – with doing paid FB advertising or meeting people in other FB groups we can connect and build relationships…

    Great stuff!

    Dr. Lisa

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