Here’s What You Should Do If You Want To Succeed In Life and In Business

A lot of people claim to know the “secret” to success, but do they really. If there was an ironclad secret, and more people followed it; wouldn’t we have more successful people?

Yes, Right?!?!

Wouldn’t you agree?

However, only 3% of the world’s population are wealthy. Obviously, this secret is not known by many people. As for me, I don’t believe that there is a “secret” instead I believe that there is a “formula” for success.

This formula is so simple, but it does require work and I think this is why most people do not become successful in life and in business. Anything that’s worth having in life always requires some type of action.


This is the magic word.

So, if you are looking for the so-called secret, then here it is. You MUST take action, and I mean lots of action. Riches are only attracted to those that truly want it. The action-takers are the ones who are constantly showing success that they want it to come to them.

In the video below, I talk about this formula for your success, but I also talk the other two things that you must to in order to ensure success in your life. Watch it and share your thoughts with me in the comments section below.


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Gary Bledsoe
Motivational Speaker & Author
The Bledsoe Success Group

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4 thoughts on “Here’s What You Should Do If You Want To Succeed In Life and In Business”

  1. Totally agree Gary… Without action dreams are just that dreams… no reality can come without action… great post

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